WildBlue satellite internet installation by AKL Security

Wild Blue Satellite Internet

AKL Security is an authorized retailer of WildBlue satellite internet, providing direct sales, installation and service.

WildBlue links your computer to the Internet with a high-speed connection via one of WildBlue's two satellites. Your WildBlue equipment connects your home or small office at speeds much, much faster than a dial-up connection -- in fact, file transfer speeds can be as much as 30 times faster than dial-up. A single 26" satellite mini-dish and a modem are all you need.

The Internet

Accessing the Internet will be so much more enjoyable and productive once you replace your dial-up connections with WildBlue. Surfing the Internet at high-speeds opens up a WildBlue world full of information and entertainment. You will now be able to surf the Web at much faster speeds, download music and movies, share photos with friends and family, do research and school work, and much, much more.

WildBlue Mini-dish

WildBlue's mini-dish (28" x 26") both receives signals from the WildBlue satellite, and sends signals from the customer up to the satellite. The WildBlue mini-dish can be mounted on a roof, wall or via pole mount in the ground.

WildBlue Satellite Modem

A WildBlue modem is required to connect one or more computers to the WildBlue network. WildBlue uses standardized modem technology to offer a low-cost, small satellite modem.

Your Computer

WildBlue works with virtually any modern computer including both PCs and Macs. Your computer will have high-speed Internet access via an ethernet connection to the WildBlue modem, and will work in your home or small office. You may connect your computer directly to the WildBlue modem, or you can attach a wireless hub or router to the WildBlue modem and connect wirelessly.

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